About Me

Stamping is my hobby.  It relaxes me. 

Driving to work, waiting for the elevator, chopping vegetables, my mind thinks of layouts and colors and ideas. Taking a small canvas and adding inks and images and other things is way more fun than non stampers realize. 

I like the online blogging community.  Reading about you and looking at what you make inspires me. 

Hobbies are good, aren't they?


  1. :) I have a semi grown up son. I worked for city government for too long!! And I am now receiving your blog posts via email! :)

  2. I just found your blog....pinned some of your cards to my Paper board on Pinterest....I'm sitting here in a bad mood and looking forward to going to bed. Your blog posts made me laugh :) Thank you for that. I'll be back regularly....I love to make cards but lately I am too busy looking at everyone else's work and not creating my own!!!!! HUGS...

  3. I need to go to bed, it's late but I followed a bunch of links to get to your blog, Joan. I just read your writings about your Mom. Yes, I know. I cried. But our Mom's also know how much they really meant to us. When my Mom was in the ER that morning the doctor thought she might need a pace-maker. She was 93, couldn't hear, couldn't see, had pneumonia, couldn't have anymore transfusions, and I asked him WHY? I wondered if she heard me. Later that evening she died, peacefully. Bye now.

    1. Dorie, thanks for taking the time to write. From my perspective, you did the right thing. There comes a time when it is time to go. Every doc said that to me. No one wants to suffer. But it is so hard. hugs

  4. I recently started following your blog. I enjoy your style of writing and card making. I love clean and simple cards, but my cards are more in the style of the freshly made sketches (blog). I found you via the Simplicity blog. I especially like the Sunday savings as I've spent much money on craft items that will probably sit in my drawer because I feel too guilty to toss them. Thanks for all the tips and ideas.

  5. I like every word you've written! I feel the same about hobby and blogging!


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