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Genesis Paper Trimmer

I have the 12", which is large enough to meet all my needs.  At $265 this is a considerable investment for a hobby.  However, most paper crafters buy one trimmer after another, replacing blades, etc.  Once you buy the Genesis, you are done.  In the long run, it is a money saver.  It has  a metal blade cutting on a metal strip.  The Genesis is sturdy.  It is not lightweight, so it doesn't move when you cut.  It cuts one piece of paper perfectly. 

Japanese Book Drill

To make a hole anywhere, through dozens of pages at a time in a variety of sizes (The tip is a "bit" and is interchangeable.  It will last forever. 

Versa Magic Ink Dew Drop
With space at a premium, I prefer small ink pads. Versa Magic is a fast drying (think 25 seconds) pigment ink that provides excellent coverage on solid stamps. It is juicy (a baby wipe cleans stamps the best). It leaves a slightly chalk finish that reminds me of A Muse or Fresh ink. And $2.50 or less per dew drop.  LOVE


This is a terrible photo of the best stamping tool invented in years.  It is pricey (you can get it directly from My Petunia for $50) but Simon Says Stamps is selling for $70.  Hard to find as production is slow, but worth the wait and the $$.  I have saved more cardstock since I started using this because placement of your stamps (clear or cling mount) stays the same through multiple stampings.  No more uneven stamping. 

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  1. I purchased my Genesis trimmer 15 years craft-related investment ever....and worth every penny. And it's made in the USA!! Susan in VA


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