Wednesday, July 10, 2013


A fabulous co worker retired last month.  She's a little slip of a woman, smart, nice, savvy.  I miss her already.  Before she left, I went to the fancy chocolatier near our home and bought her this cute box of 9 chocolates.  (I see card inspiration here.)

About a week later I went to a meeting in her office and the box was still on her desk with the pretty satin ribbon and bow. 

After a week.

Let's repeat.  She had a box of chocolates on her desk for over a week.  Reminds me of another friend who had a bag of Mint Milanos in her apartment for 6 months.  Or a husband who eats exactly 2 Hershey nuggets every night.  Not three.  Two.

Who are these people? 

Guess what, this isn't a rhetorical question. I have the answer. 


I've made a major discovery. Thin people eat differently than fat people.  Oh sure, there are a few exceptions on both sides of the pendulum.  But in general every thin person I know doesn't eat that much.  Thin people don't finish one meal and start thinking about the next meal.  Food is fine.  But not that big of a deal.  Thin people eat enough to feel full.  And then stop.  And they move around.  Sometimes a lot.

I'm doomed.


  1. I finally had to accept that realization as well ... I watched thin people as an experiment, and seriously, they never eat.

  2. Oh, heaven. I'm doing it all wrong....

  3. Cooking isn't our pastime either. I eat to live not live to eat LOL
    A friend once told me " Never trust the cooking of a thin woman

  4. I remember watching a (thin) friend eating a chocolate chip cookie once...she was taking one tiny bite at a time! I didn't know that was possible!

  5. sigh......(as I sit here after my walk thinking of food)

  6. thin people are not very happy, are they? ;)

    1. LOL; not so sure about that one!

  7. This just made me laugh out loud! In my office, the box would be gone because someone stole it.

  8. Great topic, Joan. Yes, I think it's a brain thing, not a body thing. When I first met my husband's family 40 years ago, I sat in amazement listening as they were all talking about wonderful meals they had eaten at the Gulf Coast years before. You could tell they were all re-living the meal. And the family, including my hubby, has always fought with their weight. I am one of those skinny ones who doesn't think about food much at all. I couldn't tell you what I had for dinner last week, let alone last year, and one Hershey bar will last me for days. Sorry - I can't help it. But I am a happy person in spite of this shortcoming, lol.

  9. Wheat and sugar have an addictive effect on many people, myself included. Eating them puts you on an endless roller coaster of blood sugar highs and lows. I have found that abstaining from them for a few weeks breaks the addiction, and then those foods don't look as appealing anymore. You can still have them once in awhile, at birthday parties and such, but the rest of time, shifting your focus to healthier foods will keep you off the roller coaster. Hope this helps!


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